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We understand that the people that work with us are looking for true, quantifiable improvements in their health and fitness goals.  From planning a 50 mile race, to the multi-day cyclist, and yes… even those just starting to focus on their health, we provide the expertise to equip yourself with the knowledge to succeed.  We believe that you are the difference in how you feel and focus on providing uninterrupted specific care to make you feel improved and empowered at the end of every session.


We work with you to put together a care plan to get you where you want to be.

Highly Trained

All our therapists commit to a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education every year, one of the highest standards in the industry.

Simple Pricing

We are flat-rated, all-inclusive.  No memberships to cancel or extra charges to pay on the back-end.

Convenient Location

Find us in the Golden Triangle District, just down the street from the Denver Cultural Center.

How we can
Pre-/ Post Event

About to run that half marathon you’ve been looking forward to all year? Massage can help you get ready to move, and then calm things down after!


Getting a massage soon after a hard day at the gym not only calms the muscles to help you feel better, but can speed recovery allowing you to train harder!


Hurting from a chronic condition at work or a sudden accident? We can help!

B. B.

I finally found my massage spot! I’m a strength trainer and have had reoccurring issues that a typical massage spa could not fix or relieve. My therapist was attentive to my concerns, knew how to tackle my problem areas during the massage, and was very knowledgeable about how to address them post session. If you’re an athlete and looking for some relief, highly recommend RINO Sports Massage!

K. S.

Over three years working with RINO Sports Massage and I really could not be bothered to get a massage anywhere else. I’m athletic but years of destruction to my body via Ballet has caused me to be easily injured as an adult. Little injuries like overextending, overflexibility in my knees, knots in my muscles and out of whack hips… every ailment seems to melt away after a massage with this team.

N. N.

I have been to RINO Sports Massage twice in the last 6 months and every time I leave feeling amazing. I have neck/ shoulder issues from a snowboarding accident nearly 5 years ago and always gets to the root of the issue. Most other places can never remotely touch the issue like here. Whether you’re an active person with a prolonged issue or looking for something else, 10/10 would highly recommend!

M. S.

Ongoing knee/lower back issues due to tight hamstrings/glutes/hips and a tilted pelvis. We had a thorough consultation before the massage to talk about my (many!) issues, and my therapist was awesome at making sure that the time was all about me, and that we could focus the whole time on just one area if we wanted. Needless to say I came out of this first session feeling a new person. My knees haven’t bothered me now for 4 days, and the instant improvement in my back has restored the faith that I can actually get over this pain finally.

As someone who has tried physio, chiropractors, regular massage, acupuncture, stretching, a heel lift…. this was the fastest relief I’ve ever had. Booked my second appointment right away!