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Looking to See Improvement?

We understand that the people that work with us are looking for real, quantifiable improvements in their health and fitness goals.  From the life-long gym rat, to the long distance cyclist, to the person just starting to focus on their health, we provide the expertise to equip yourself with the knowledge to succeed.  We believe that you are the difference in how you feel and focus on providing uninterrupted specific care to make you feel improved and empowered at the end of every session.


We work with you to put together a care plan to get you where you want to be.

Highly Trained

All our therapists commit to a minimum of 50 hours of continuing education every year, one of the highest standards in the industry

Convenient Location

Find us in the RINO Arts District, just down the street from the Infinite Monkey Theorem.

How We Can Help

Pre-/ Post Event

About to run that 10k you've been looking forward to all year? Massage can help you get ready to move, and then calm things down after!


Getting a massage soon after a hard day at the gym not only calms the muscles to help you feel better, but can speed recovery allowing your to train harder!


Hurting from a chronic condition at work or a sudden accident? We can help!


At Rino Sports Massage, tips are not expected or accepted. The price is all inclusive with no upcharges for different modalities or use of specialized equipment.


$120- 60 minutes
$180- 90 minutes


Our therapists hold certifications and have taken addition training to assist with plantar fasciitis, knee pain, sciatica, tennis elbow, whiplash, TMJD, and many more.  If it hurts when it moves, we can help!

It depends on your goals!  Someone with specific injuries or an athletic event coming up soon will be booking more often than for just general health.  Please discuss what you’d like to achieve with your therapist.

We add a 36 hour buffer to online booking to make sure our therapists are aware of all appointments and can be properly prepared to help.  If you need a massage sooner, please give us a call and we can usually accommodate.

We work with quite a few organizations to provide additional fundraising options through silent auction donations and on site massage at charity fundraising events.  If you’re interested in chatting, let us know!

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Inside Core Progression Gym
3330 Larimer Street
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